Privacy Policy 

All cake payment(s) and catering payments must be paid in full total cost (4) four days before delivery. In the unfortunate event that you may have as a last minute cancellation notice and or certain un-expected circumstances regarding your cherished and lovable event within a (2) week or (14) fourteen days booking (production) calendar period begins. We will try every way possibly, reasonably in a business-like manor and legally fair to refund your money/funds originally paid via paypal, personal/business check, money order, cashiers check and sometimes cash, payable in the same method of the original retroactive/reversal payment made by you our loving customer to Donna Chambley/ and or our Internet company called E-Market Resources paid via paypal somewhere within our website called our competitors, we NEVER have any hidden fees.

Please Note: paypal payments via our website called are paid to our legally licensed Internet company called E-Market Resources which you will receive a paypal credit card invoice for each transaction purchase/payment and can also be paid to you as a customer/merchant mutual agreement result within a (90) ninety-day period under paypal rules and regulations regarding any refund for any product and or service(s) of Donnas Designer Cakes/Donna Chambley/emarket resources based on your original item purchase. (Please contact us first before filing any credit card paypal dispute regarding refunds, so that we can possibly resolve this matter without invloving other legal mediation organizations, which can also possibly cause both parties to lose money in the end).

Donnas Designer Cakes /Donna Chambley does require a $25.00 non-refundable booking date deposit for any and all events just so we can place your loving life-time occasion on our booking calender for the future. This non-refundable $25.00 deposit insures you and us both that you will receive all customer satisfaction regarding weekly Internet emails, phone calls and most of all in-person contact at a particular location (hopefully Douglasville, Ga.) that you desire up until our (14) fourteen day before event production period begins. Normally conducted by the owner Donna Chambley. Please read our refund guidelines below before making large website ( paypal purchases of $200.00 or more, which could possibly create an enormous legal issue if you decide to cancel your event and ask for a refund.

Please Note regarding our catering policy: We only have the equipment to handle 20-50 per person/guest maximum capacity for catering. This $19.95 per person/guest is based on the minimum of 20 persons/guest and a maximum capacity of 50 person/guest. All catering events must be paid 50% of the total price of a minimum of (2) two weeks before your event, and a completion paid balance total (4) four days before your event regarding any food that is purchased for your event. Any catering event within a (2) two day cancellation notice will NOT receive any refund because of food cost purchased, cooking time, labor cost, etc... Please DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. All of our food receipts and labor cost will be shown if this goes to court. We will try to work with you, if this problem should arise.

Customer cancellation notice within (4) four days production or less of your original booking cake(s) date will only receive a cash awarded 70-80% cash money refund minus material/item expenses (sometimes more or possibly less depending on circumstances, this percentage is based on past company time, total cost of item(s) and also past expenses involved) plus you will also receive all materials/items we have purchased which you will receive, as our customer, via UPS, United States Post Office delivery or in-person reasonable boxed and or boxes in brand new item purchased form of customer stated specified for this particular occasion via email, phone, or in-person purchased material cake items, or which ever one you desire as our lovable customer requesting a refund of paid items and money refund. (This shipping delivery fee/item/labor cost purchased and your $25.00 non-refundable event deposit will be deducted from your final monetary refund cost based on your original payment). Please Note: The closer cancellation to your delivery due date means you will receive a lessor refund.

Customer cancellation notice between (5) five and (14) fourteen days production before your booked calender normal event begins could possibly receive a 100% full refund, minus the $25.00 non-returnable deposit required for and or all cake booking purchase(s). This refund amount is highly based on how many specific items were purchased during this (14) fourteen day or less, of normal cake-making procedure begins during this production time period, regarding your dated and booked event at the time and history of (This method of refund payment is based highly on past cost and how much employee time was spent regarding a certain booked event). If possible all reciepts of purchased items via Donnas Designer Cakes/employees and or Donna Chambley will be shown to the paid customer and admissible in a court of law, especially all credit card website paypal purchases and or payments made within the website called

Customer cancellation notice BEFORE the production of (14) fourteen days or more before the booked event: Will receive a complete 100% refund minus the $25.00 non-refundable deposit required for any cake(s) to be made somewhere in the near future. Provided that certain requested and specified materials/items customer via email, phone, or in-person have NOT been ordered by Donnas Designer Cakes/ employees/Donna Chambley and or These material/items/fees will be deducted from your total payment with a slight additional 10% labor/employee time fee of requested and specified ordered regarding your final refund. Donna Chambley is always willing to work with any customer regarding any money issue.

Please Note: certain cake item customer requested purchases are made personally in-person by Donna Chambley or said employees in the future of your event, and often-times via Internet seeking non-food certain requested products made before the (8) eight days of production or more regarding your event, simply because if there are any problems regarding your designer cake(s) made, we can always go back and purchase certain items requested, required and or needed, within the (1) one week or (7) seven days before your loving life-time event via email, phone contact and or even in-person, which is sometimes required duirng gigantic events, simply because certain cake items may not be available at this time in history of your edible food-item(s) purchase within (3) three days or less of your event.

Any refund cancellation notice before this (8) eight day or more cake-making production process period of expense also begins as follows: How much personal time was involved, such as personal meetings, Internet emails back and forth on a weekly and monthly basis, personal phone calls, how many material expenses were involved to show customer(s) how to make a better cake for their life-time loving event, merchant gas and travel cost, and most of all the time spent on this certain customer(s) calender loss of occasion will be personally discussed and calculated regarding payment refunds. (Please remember that time is money in any profitable business).

Large and expensive cake(s) take a lot of time, monetary expenses and careful planning for any retail bakery merchant, which means that a large cake(s) will be designated strictly for that (1) one particular day in history and NO other cake bookings will be made by Donna Chambley/ resources and or company employees for that booking date originally paid and purchased, because we are a small company that remarkably cares about all of our customers, This problem/incident is normally based on cake(s) of $300.00 or more up to $800.00.

(Our procedure for any highly expensive cake(s) is carefully designed and hand-crafted on a weekly/monthly conversation basis per our customer desire by phone and or email up to the week of your beautiful event. In other words? Time is money, especially if we have as your money purchased employer designated this particular day ONLY for your event, with NO other bookings for that particular date and time. Your refund (1) one week before cancellation notice will be based on material expense, price of cake(s) expense and employee travel purchased item time, and employee time used).

Unfortunately, some dates in time have a rather large demand in history, especially holidays, meaning that the longer your booking date stays on our calender, we are losing revenue/money, especially if you cancel in the end within a (1) one week period of a highly revenue holiday. Large cake prices of this demand will most likely result in a smaller refund  based on certain circumstances,  regarding dates in historical times and our material expenses. Especially if we have designated all of our time and materials to this particular gigantic customer date and time of booking calender monetary value. Hopefully, legal mediation will not be requested during this incident of money refund. Please contact us first before legal situation is required by law.

Small cake purchase refunds normally under $100.00 will receive the same legal customer concern care as explained above, only on a smaller scale. Most small cake(s) and material/item products, are normally purchased as a weekly procedure production at least (8) eight days or more before your event to insure proper customer requested satisfaction. All customer event/item refunds are required by county and even state laws to provide legal proof up-dated information via phone conversation, email, or in-person contact regarding their up-coming event cancellation notice to their purchased merchant such as Chambley and or the Internet company called E-Market Resources.

If a particular item you have requested is not in stock at the time and you may have to subsitute for a lessor or even more monetary priced item to your satisfaction, which will be added to your total balance. You will be contacted immediately in regards to, especially if a refund is available at this particular time of weekly business transaction(s) as noted above. (Large cake prices of hundreds of dollars are based on our weekly conversation hopefully by phone and not email, most customers regarding large priced events have normally made up their minds weeks and months before-hand).

In the event that any delivery location is CLOSED during the designated time specified in our mutual agreement. Donnas Designer Cakes and or Donna Chambley also known as is NOT responsible for cake melting and or possible destruction, even if Donna Chambley and or it's employees arrive early 15 minutes of said time of arrival. Please give us an exact time of arrival especially during the summer heat, and make sure the location of your event has open doors, so that we can properly place this cake(s) in it's event proper place of your desired location. Our exact time of arrival may be more or less normally in minutes depending on the distance of the final customer requested destination. (Most event locations are normally and traditionally opened (2) two hours or more before the historical event occurs).

If a merchant refund is neccessary by us to the past or present paid customer of Donnas Designer Cakes and or present 2012 owner called Donna Chambley/employees and or our Internet company called emarket resources. Meaning that if the problem of concern is our fault as a result of non-delivery of cake(s), sickness, un-expected problems with cakes, extreme family emergency at the time and date of your event, cake was destroyed during delivery travel, God events, etc., (fortunately, this incident has NEVER happened) any paid customer will receive 100% full payment refund via (2) two weeks normally paid back through your paypal using the original account transaction, plus a 20% discount on any future cake(s) which they wish to purchase sometimes in the near future.

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